Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation take two!

We are on our second vacation of the summer… I know! Two vacations in one summer, crazy! Our parents have been asking us to go for years and we decided to go ahead and do both trips while we still have two incomes coming in (I still get paid until the end of the summer). This one is going well so far, except for the fact that the DVD player in Shaun's truck stopped working! The kids didn't watch any movies yesterday and managed to entertain themselves. Two full days of driving is a lot for kids and a DVD once in a while can sure help break up the boredom. Luckily, I brought crayons and coloring books, their Leapfrog Tag readers, stickers, and felt boards. Today has been a little more stressful, but they are holding their own. I hope to get to relax a little more on this trip. We are spending a week on the beach with my parents. They rented a beach house and we plan on only doing a couple of activities besides the beach! I will update once we are there and settled.

Lilly's princess felt board
Blurry picture of my happy little guy!
Sam's felt board. Great purchase from Michaels!

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