Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Schedule? What Schedule?

So I wrote out a schedule for this week that involved cleaning and activities for the kids. Unfortunately, I haven't been following it like I should! I did windex the door windows and mop the kitchen Monday, but was unable to mop the rest of the house because my mop broke! I was supposed to dust today, but that didn't happen. Lilly spent the night with my mom yesterday and Sam is spending the night today. I went over this morning to exchange the kids and ending up staying until after lunch. Wouldn't you know it, 4 minutes away from my moms and Ben throws up all over himself and his car seat. I had to turn right around so I could get him out of it. It was really bad and needed to be washed before he could use it again. So, Lilly and Ben took a nap while I waited for it to get washed. That took up my whole afternoon plus I had to take something to Shaun at the firehouse. We didn't end up getting home until after 6pm!!! We have a play date tomorrow, but hopefully I will get things accomplished while they nap in the afternoon. It is taking me a while to get into a rhythm for cleaning the house, shopping, taking care of the kids, and spending quality time with them. I am going to try and stick to the schedule I made for myself as closely as I can. We will see what happens! I also want to start going to the gym, but I have to figure that part out still!

Having fun swimming at Nonn'i's. Trying to walk!
In other news, I upholstered a wooden stool to use with my makeup table. The stool I have been using for years is finally toast. I had this great wooden kidney shaped stool that has been floating around in my dining room. My mom gave it to me years ago and I have been trying to find a use for it (besides decoration). I am really happy with the results. I have never upholstered anything before, but my mom showed me how and helped me figure it out. It really makes me want to complete even more projects! I am going to have to start a list of projects I want to do. Speaking of projects, Shaun finally completed a few around our house! We have an awesome coat tree, but there really isn't enough space by our front door and we need more hooks! So, I bought two hook racks and Shaun installed them in our entry way. One high and one low so the kids can hang up their own coats! He also put up a shelf in the bathroom (been waiting years for that one), installed a tv wall mount in the boys room, and took down Lilly's crib and put up her toddler bed. Yea for getting stuff down around the house! Hopefully, we can keep up the pace.

Picture of the stool before I upholstered it. I forgot to take a picture before I glued on the paddling!

It's so comfortable now and really cute!

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