Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Volunteering and Judgement!

So, I volunteered at Sam's school for the first time this week. I LOVED it! I really liked the feeling that I was a part of his school and his education. I think that when parents are involved in their child's education the child really, really benefits. Your child sees that you think education is important, plus when you are around the school more often, you have a better idea of what goes on there. I also think its important for the teachers and staff to see that you care and that you are more aware of what happens at school. I have witnessed the importance of this first hand when I worked at a school.

Well, my job was to work the PTO table (also known as the PTA). I made sure the families had the school calendar and the school info card. I also gave out fliers about the PTO and tried to get people to sign up to volunteer. Boy, did I feel like a salesman! I had a whole little spiel about the PTO and the volunteering. I think I did an ok job, as I like people and tend to interact well with them (which is why I was/am? a social worker). I really don't like having to "hawk my wares", it makes me feel uncomfortable, but I can do it if that's what's asked of me. What was really interesting was people's reactions to the PTO table. Some people didn't even glance at me as they stalked by (obviously too important to waste time talking to the chipper redhead with the overly bright smile). Others listened to my pitch, we're polite and acted interested. The ones that really bothered me, were the moms that obviously looked down at me - a mom on the PTO volunteering at her child's school. You could tell this from the condescending look and the smart aleck smile hovering on their faces. Most of them looked like they were on the verge of actually laughing at me when I mentioned the PTO. It was obvious that they felt the PTO was a joke and I was one of "those housewives" that has nothing better to do than be on her child's PTO and run the school bake sale. Can you say annoying??!? You know what though? I am ok with it. I am confident knowing that I probably have more education that most of those bitter women and more kindness and happiness too. I am a housewife and hear me roar!! It makes me happy to stay home with my kids, take them to school and pick them up, volunteer at their school, and generally devote my life to raising them. I don't judge working moms (as I was, in the not far past, one of them) and wish more women would stop judging each other. Just do what's best for your family and what makes you happy!!

I have included some pictures of our most recent nature walk. I mean, if you are reading this blog, you probably know that I have adorable children and love sharing their cuteness with others :)

Looking at the seeds we found in a cool leaf
My happy boy loved the walk! Trying to teach Lilly how to roll down the hill. She kept scooting down :)
Sam was a pro at rolling down the hill! Swinging from the weeping willow like Go, Diego, Go!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Science experiments, Pinterest, and ear infections!

It has been a long week! Shaun has worked a ton this week and we only saw him on Tuesday night! Sometimes, the long shifts for the fire department and working for his dad on his days off can be hard on us. I am grateful he is able to earn extra money and has a career that allows him to work a second job, but we miss him :) I have been trying to keep the kids busy with projects and field trips to the park. I don't know about you, but I LOVE Pinterest. I have pinned so many great activities for the kids, and decided to try a few of them this week. Sam loves his science experiments and so does Lilly. I think I am going to try and have Shaun build a sensory table for the kids. It is just a table that has a hole cut out of the middle for a long tote to go in. There are so many activities and sensory type things to do! We experimented with baking soda and vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and yeast, we also made calming glitter jars. They had so much fun! I am going to try and start making or doing things I pin on pinterest at least once a week. I mean, what's the point of pinning that stuff if you never actually do any of it?!

Having fun seeing what happens when you drop vinegar onto baking soda!
Great sensory play once the baking soda became totally wet!
Hydrogen peroxide and yeast! We really need a higher strength peroxide so we will redo.
On a side note, poor Sam woke up screaming this morning. I thought he might have a headache and gave him Tylenol. Nada!! It didn't help at all. When I moved him downstairs (which involved lots of shrill screaming and sobbing in my ear) I noticed that he was holding his ear. Oh boy, ear infections are not fun! I have only had one as an adult, and it was some of the worst pain I have ever felt! My poor baby. I took him to prompt care and the doctor only saw some slight redness-WHAT?!? I couldn't understand that, considering the amount of pain he was in. The doctor then said that a middle ear infection could be starting up and that may be why he is in so much pain. Thankfully they gave us an antibiotic and we were in our way. You could tell he was sick since he laid on the couch all day long (that's in case the ear splitting screaming and crying didn't clue you in). I did think how lucky I am that I don't have to choose between taking care of my sick child or going to some big meeting at work! Just another reason I am so thankful that it's now my full time job to take care of my children (even when they are grumpy and causing me to go deaf from all the high pitched screaming!).

My biker gang! It took some maneuvering to push Ben and Lilly and the same time!
Ben had fun exploring the yard for some outdoor learning!