Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime Fun!

This last week seems to have gone by in a blur! We have been busy with lots of activities and crafts. I have definitely noticed a difference in the activities I have been doing with the kids. When I was working, I really didn't have as much time to do craft/sensory activities. I would try and cram them in during the weekend. With all of the family and friend obligations we usually have during the weekend, activities sometimes got pushed to the side. This is a nice change! We found some great activities on the Melissa and Doug website. The one we decided to do was ice and water pirate ships. The kids had a great time helping me make the pirate ships and they also had fun decorating their paper sails (which were kind of a flop once in the water!)

Putting stickers on their sails! Sam did a great job cutting his out
My niece spent the night last night and everyone had a great time! Sam has been super excited about this. She ended up sleeping in his room, and he couldn't have been happier. We took all of the kids to the movies to see Madagascar 3. It was actually a really good movie! The kids loved it, but with popcorn and drinks, it ended up costing us about $60!! Plus that's not paying for Lilly or Ben! It's definitely going to have to be a special treat kind of thing. Today the kids woke up early and we started crafts right away. I bought these dollar water paint booklets, and the kids really enjoyed them. It was kind of hard to get the paint from the little strip of paper on the bottom of each page, so I ended up buying watercolor paints from the dollar store. They worked fabulously! I absolutely love the dollar store! There are so many little thing and things for the kids to do there. My parents bought Sam a small trampoline for his birthday and we haven't had the time to put it together, so my dad did it for us yesterday! The kids are in LOVE with it. Sam was so excited and it's the perfect size for them :) big shout out to my dad for doing that. It's going to definitely provide lots of entertainment, plus I think it will be good for Sam.

Enjoying crafts at 7 in the morning!
Sam jumping on his new trampoline!
In some not so good news, apparently Shaun's insurance is giving his OT trouble about paying for his therapy!!!! I received a call from his therapist telling me her boss has been calling the insurance to try and resolve the problem. In the meantime, she had to cancel all of his sessions!! I am sooo mad! Sam has some fine motor issues, especially with his pencil grip and strength. He has some sensory issues and has REALLY benefited from his OT sessions. Shaun was supposed to call his insurance company today to find out what the problem is. It had better get resolved quickly! I can't send insurance companies. I feel like it is always so difficult to get things to work, and they don't really want you to use your policy. I will definitely update on what we find out.

In the meantime, we are going to be relaxing and experiencing new things this week!


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